To Be Insane

Alguém que sempre quis um blog pra divulgar sua arte e gostos, mas que nunca teve paciência...até que descobriu o tumblr. :D

Aqui publico tudo o que me chama atenção, o que vale é ser insano. ;D

Estou ajeitando uma página exclusiva para meus desenhos, então dá uma olhadinha na Gallery aí em cima.

Mas não vou colocar tudo o que eu fiz, só os bonitos, né? xD
Se quiser ver tuuuudo - e mais um pouco -
acessa aê! \o


Someone who always wanted a blog to promote her art and likes, but never had patience ... until she discovered the tumblr. :D

Here I publish everything that calls my attention, what matters is to be insane. :D

I am settling a page dedicated exclusively to my drawings, then gives a peek up there at the Gallery.

But I'm not gonna put everything I did, only the cutest, right? xD
If you want to see aaaaaaaall - and a little more -
access the link bellow! \o

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The creator of Fullmetal Alchemist, Hiromu Arakawa, asked Vic Mignogna if he would send her the Movie that Vic created called. “Fullmetal Fantasy” (The Film Vic made was about the Voice Actors turning into the characters they voice, Vic into Ed, Caitlin into Winry, ect.)

Vic then received A HUGE BOX OF FULLMETAL SWAG but this was the most precious present of all. In the Box was an envelope with, “Dear Vic, loved your movie!” and this Original illustration made out to Vic.

-This was posted on Vic’s Fan Site by Vic to show appreciation for the gift. It’s special to him so I watermarked it-


Assim, só pra avisar, as vagas são limitadas aqui. 


Don’t stop me now

Pablo Stanley

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Emily Steele Charming Creatures


Gorgeous work! I’m in love!

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Crochet Animal Heads by  ManafkaMina

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Prague Astronomical Clock. (by MariusRoman)

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